The Edges of Lean — Episode 40 Continuous Improvement and Leading Change with Art Bierschbach

The need for change is an inevitable part of life today and change demands leadership.  Art Bierschbach joins me today; he’s been working on leading change his whole career! We’ll discuss diverse types of leadership and what they mean when it comes time to lead change of every kind – whether in environment, culture, or a physical change.

A successful leader can’t just hope that things will go smoothly; there must be planning, and leaders must set direction.



Art is the Principal Consultant with BtenConsulting, LLC. Art’s passion is to help companies achieve better business results by improving a company’s leadership, helping a company grow their top line with new products and services, and improve processes. Art is an international business coach and consultant in the areas of leadership, management, marketing, sales, operations, and finance.



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Key Topics in this podcast:

  • Art’s career background
  • The importance of training leaders
  • Understanding the difference between leaders and managers
  • How leaders must value and engage with their people
  • The importance of coaching leaders so they can lead their teams effectively
  • Art’s advice for people who resist change
  • Art’s advice for leaders on how to succeed when leading  change
  • What are the distinct roles of a leader when change is happening ?
  • What are the changes Art would want to implement in the U.S if he were to be given the opportunity?



  • The leader needs to be willing to listen and take risks on workers’ suggestions for continuous improvement to flourish.
  • Leaders must value their people to be successful.
  • If the owner can’t do everything, it’s better to hire people who are self-starters.
  • If a large change is made by the top leaders, it must be communicated and clear to everyone for the plan to work.
  • A leader should remove obstacles and motivate the team, who will take over once that’s achieved.
  • When a person performs an action, they should evaluate what happened, to learn and make better decisions in the future.


Memorable Quote From Art Bierschbach


‘’ Find a great mentor: when you first get commissioned, one of the first things you’re told, is go find some crusty old sergeant, follow them around for a couple of years, figure out what works, and what you can learn there. And they’ll give you great lessons, they’ll give you leadership lessons, they’ll give you lessons about life.”