The Edges of Lean — Episode 44 Continuous Improvement and Coaching Introverts with Jenny Toh

Did you know that 25 to 40 percent of the people you meet are introverts? Jenny Toh joins me today to talk about coaching introverts, how to coach if you are introvert, why managers need coaching and the future of coaching.

Jenny is an expert in coaching introverts and extroverts and helping her clients to find their voice. She believes that empathy is key when coaching introverts, as it helps them to understand that their experiences are valid. It’s also important for managers to give feedback that is tailored to the individual’s introversion or extroversion style.


Jenny is passionate about helping introverted women find the right balance between the marketplace and the home front. She is also a strong proponent of mental fitness for her clients to achieve their highest level of success with sustained happiness.




   Key Topics in this podcast:

  • Understanding the definition of Introvert
  • The difference between Introvert and extrovert
  • How Jenny adapts coaching
  • How empathy is crucial for her coaching style 
  • What drew her into coaching from being a lawyer
  • The importance of defining our version of success as a woman
  • How coaching mostly happen outside of the workplace 
  • Why managers should have a coach 



  • An introvert is a person who draws energy from time alone. Introverts feel comfortable focusing on their inner thoughts and ideas, rather than what’s happening externally. They enjoy spending time with just one or two people, rather than large groups or crowds.
  • When a coach demonstrates empathy, they are signaling to the introvert that they are safe, they are understood, and that their feelings matter. This creates a foundation of trust and mutual respect that is essential for effective coaching.
  • Coaching allows managers to understand the perspectives of their employees, empathize with them, and develop a more effective leadership style that takes into account the needs of the team. 
  • Coaching is a process that enables managers to have continuous improvement in their leadership style. Coaching managers may involve giving feedback to managers about their performance and then providing them with guidance on how to improve. 

Memorable Quotes From  Jenny Toh


‘’Purpose is important. It sounds cliche, but for a young person, the world is your oyster, and so many things are out there so you may not know your purpose right away. So start exploring, be open about it. But at the same time, identify what your values are, and what your strengths are and that’s the starting point. “