The Edges of Lean — Ep 48 Continuous Improvement and Engaging Leadership with Rebecca Snelling

Everyone “knows” that you can’t deploy lean without engaged leadership.  So, just how do you get leadership engaged? Rebecca Snelling shares her insights at The Edges of Lean.


Rebecca Snelling, owner of RS Consulting, coaches people, teams and organizations on Leadership and Lean Transformation with an emphasis on advancing culture. She is active in the Design and Construction industry, speaking at various industry events across the US and abroad. Rebecca also serves on the Boards of Directors for the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) and the Center for Innovation in the Design and Construction Industry (CIDCI).


We had such a great conversation about engaging leadership – and lots more! Rebecca shared that she will be hitting the road soon at these two events:

5/19/2022 :Lean Construction Institute “Lean Roadshow” Chicago, IL

6/15-16 2022: Lean Construction Institute “Lean Roadshow” Austin, TX

Key Topics in this podcast:

  • Rebecca’s career background
  • How she got into leadership
  • How she applied Lean in her previous company
  • How she got into into coaching and the challenges she faced
  • How Lean transformation solves the problems in an organization
  • How Rebecca handles people who are resistant to change
  • Engaged leader and leadership explained
  • How good organizations start with Lean thinking


  • Applying lean in your organization can be a great way to help improve efficiency and productivity.
  • An engaged leader is one who genuinely cares about helping those around them grow and succeed. They create an environment where people feel comfortable taking risks, trying new things, and speaking up. This type of leader fosters a sense of camaraderie and collaboration, rather than competition.
  • Lean thinking can help you create a culture of continuous improvement, where employees are empowered to identify and solve problems. As a result, applying lean in your organization can have a profound impact on your bottom line.
  • When it comes to helping people who are resistant to change, it’s important to have empathy and understanding. Put yourself in their shoes and try to see things from their perspective. 

Memorable Quotes From Rebecca Snelling

“Just be better today than you were yesterday and drag someone with you”


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