The Edges of Lean — Episode 50 Continuous Improvement and Root Goal Analysis with Gregory Offner

. A leader is the one who steers the ship in the right direction. Direction setting is not easy – and Greg Offner has applied the benefits of root cause analysis to help leaders explore goals: Greg joins me to share this approach Root GOAL Analysis) and to talk about how it benefits lean leadership and a lean culture. He also discussed why coaching leaders is important, so tune in! 

Gregory Offner

Gregory Offner is one of the most in-demand experts on the topic of professional performance, and navigating disruption. His clients include Fortune 100 companies, and he is often asked to keynote at conferences where industry leaders and executives turn to him for new perspectives on how to elevate performance, eliminate disengagement, and make work suck less.


 Key Topics in this podcast:

  • Gregory’s career background
  • What is leadership and the characteristics of a good leader
  • The 3 important evaluation questions
  • Gregory’s leadership coaching approach 
  • What is the misconception about leadership?
  • The steps of Root Goal Analysis 
  • The importance of self reflection for leaders
  • What do most leaders miss in their leadership style? 


  • A true leader is always willing to reflect on their own choices and actions. After all, it is only through honest self-reflection that we can learn and grow. By looking back at our successes and failures, we can gain invaluable insights into what works and what doesn’t.
  • All leaders can benefit from coaching to improve their leadership style. A coach can help leaders to identify areas where they need to develop, and provide guidance and support as they work to improve their skills.
  • Leaders who are committed to continuous improvement will be better able to meet the challenges of a constantly changing world. 
  • A coach can also help leaders to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and to develop strategies for leveraging their strengths and addressing their weaknesses. In addition, a coach can provide an objective perspective on leadership issues, helping leaders to make better decisions.
  • Root goal analysis leads to stringer and more meanigful personal and organizational goals. 


Memorable Quotes From Gregory Offner


“One of the most undervalued skills that every leader has to possess (is this): you have to be able to listen, when you ask the right questions. And when you listen, you can help to avoid the ditch of those missed expectations.


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