The Edges of Lean — Ep 59 Continuous Improvement and Remote Work Success with Mari Anne Snow

Remote work: it’s here to stay, and that impacts everything! For many remote workers, it’s still something new. But for Mari Anne Snow, who is the author of the soon-to-be-released “Remote Work Handbook,” remote work has been her area of expertise for more than 20 years. That’s how long she has been leading remote teams and continuously improving how to operationalize remote work. Mari Anne is the CEO and founder of Sophaya, and the Remote Nation Institute (RNI), Tune in to this episode to learn more about how to handle a team in a remote work environment.

 Mari Anne Snow

Mari Anne Snow is a recognized expert on remote and distributed team leadership. As CEO and founder of Sophaya and the Remote Nation Institute (RNI), Mari Anne is rewriting the rules of remote work and setting new professional standards that ensure business results, team engagement, and top productivity in today’s dispersed workforce.

Mari Anne is a business expert who can help you create engaged remote team cultures. Mari Anne and her team work with your company to set up, implement, and maintain remote work or distributed team programs that lead to top business productivity. We provide the knowledge, coaching, and implementation support to operationalize any size remote work, work from home, virtual or dispersed team program as well as optimize existing ones.



  • Mari Anne’s career background
  • How did she get involved with coaching leaders who are managing teams working remotely?
  • How leaders effectively implement change management with a remote team
  • What leaders can do to help team members adapt to changes in their process
  • The importance of engagement and the reward system in a remote work setting
  • Common pros and cons of working remotely and some countermeasures for the “cons” 
  • What a leader should have to be able to effectively manage teams working remotely
  • What Mari Anne’s upcoming “Remote Work Handbook: is all about


  • One of the biggest challenges is dealing with change. Because the remote work setting is constantly changing, we must learn to be adaptable and flexible in our approach.
  • Leaders must be adaptable themselves so they can effectively lead their team through change. 
  • By making change a positive experience, you can help your employees become more flexible and adaptable, which will benefit your company in the long run.
  • Being a successful leader requires a great deal of strategic thinking. This is especially true when leading a team in a remote setting. Because there is no face-to-face interaction, it is important to find other ways to build relationships and foster communication.


Memorable Quotes From Mari Anne Snow


“The only way to learn is to put your hand up and to make yourself available… So take a risk and then be ready to not be perfect, because you won’t be perfect. And admit your mistakes, learn from your mistakes. Just don’t keep doing the same thing. “