The Edges of Lean — Episode 8: Continuous Improvement and Root Cause Racism

Think back to your first continuous improvement training?  What did you learn about? Define, measure, analyze, improve, control (DMAIC)?  Or was it a lean training, and you talked about single-piece flow and how to define waste?  Did the topic of racism ever enter the conversation?  Probably not.  But the root causes of racism and the problems in the world for which racism appears to be a root cause are now hot topics in the continuous improvement community.  My guests are Deondra Wardelle and Mark Graban who join me to share the story of #RootCauseRacism.

You can find Deondra at  and Mark at  We all urge you to follow #rootcauseracism on social media and visit the website

What is your one small thing to act on or to do differently to address racism ? How might your continuous improvement practice advance equity and justice?