The Edges of Lean — Ep 103 Continuous Improvement and Process Science with Sam Drauschak

Sam Drauschak is a leader in Process Science – his work is to help organizations achieve maximum efficiency in business processes and energy flow. He has even developed a universal process mapping language adopted as the standard for multiple large enterprises globally. Sam joined me at the Edges of Lean to share his insights on process science in the digital age and life in an RV.

 Sam Drauschak  

Sam Drauschak is the Co-founder and Chief Process Scientist at Truvle, where he leads a team focused on reducing business waste through innovative tools, software, and expert content based on biological efficiency systems. With over a decade of management consulting experience and certifications in Lean, Six Sigma, and Project Management, Sam has worked with major global companies and Silicon Valley clients to simplify and improve operations. Sam is also the author of “Becoming a Conscious Business” and developed the Truvle Mapping Language, adopted by companies worldwide. Sam Drauschak has been featured at institutions like IIBA and Columbia for his expertise in process improvement, cost reduction, and operational redesign. In addition, he was recognized in Top 100 Magazine for his contributions to process mapping.


00:02:03 Process science applies the scientific method.

00:06:19 Processes exist everywhere, even in digital services.

00:09:50 Updating process improvement principles.  

00:10:13 Process science for virtual companies.

00:14:20 Process mapping is crucial post-COVID.

00:19:23 Impact of human dynamics.  

00:20:10 Human dynamics are crucial in process mapping.

00:23:38 Understanding human dynamics in processes.

00:25:18 Clean process maps can be deceptive. 

00:31:23 Process language empowers organizations.

00:37:35 Diversity and travel enhance professional growth.


  • Process science studies processes and systems in the business world approached with the scientific method and rigor. 
  • Process science involves studying things in motion, including how energy flows through processes.
  • Many companies struggle with implementing new technology, cost overruns, and process improvement. 
  • Process mapping should include the human dynamics of the process, capturing interactions between people, and understanding the politics and drama involved.
  • Traveling and experiencing different cultures and environments can enhance a consultant’s understanding of people and their processes, making them more effective in their work.
  • Practical process work requires open and honest conversations with people to understand their perspectives and behaviors within the process work.
  • Governance and decision-making processes are important aspects of process science.

Memorable Quotes From Sam Drauschak 


“The more you can learn about different customs, cultures, and types of people, the more you can relate to their struggles, resistance, and engagement at work.”