The Edges of Lean — Ep 106 Continuously Improving Your Connection to Yourself with Katarina Polonska




When I coach and consult, I focus on my clients and their goals and needs. This raises an important question: where am I in that relationship? Katarina Polonska believes that coaching that is successful for the client requires the coach to be connected to herself and that doing so creates energy and strength for the coach. She joined me at the Edges of Lean to share her insights and how she helps her clients connect to themselves. 


Katarina Polonska   


Katarina Polonska is a transformation coach specializing in relationships. Katarina helps people connect better to themselves so they can connect better to others. In addition, Katerina has a master’s degree in gender dynamics from the University of Oxford and has a background in behavioral science and organizational psychology. She is also a mindfulness teacher. Katerina has experienced overcoming challenges and finding her purpose, which led her to become a coach and help others in their journeys of self-discovery and connections.


00:04:04 The difference between therapy and coaching 

00:08:26 Having a connection to self is essential.

00:15:27 Listen to your inner voice.

00:17:11 The effect of the disconnection from body and intuition.

00:19:21 Conditioning and vulnerability in women

00:21:43 Conditioning of women’s bodies.

00:23:04 Anorexia and societal expectations

00:27:20 Connect with your body’s wisdom.

00:34:34 Curiosity leads to breakthroughs.

00:37:17 Build self-trust through action.

00:42:56 Reclaim self-trust and listen to intuition.



  • Building a connection to oneself is essential for personal growth and success.
  • Connecting to oneself creates energy and strength, benefiting the individual and their clients. 
  • Coaching can complement therapy by focusing on the present moment and future goals.
  • Coaching helps individuals integrate their past learnings into their current lives. 
  • The coaching process involves connecting to oneself and being present in the moment.
  • Mindfulness practices, such as body scans and grounding exercises, can help individuals connect with themselves. 
  • Curiosity is a powerful tool for exploring and understanding one’s emotions and reactions. 
  • Taking micro actions based on gut instincts can help build self-trust and strengthen the connection to oneself. 
  • Building trust in oneself is crucial for making decisions, solving problems, and achieving personal and professional goals.

Memorable Quotes From Katarina Polonska   


“The best relationships we can build all start with a solid relationship to our core being and who we are.” 

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