The Edges of Lean — Ep 107 Continuously Improving Your Conversations with Clients with Robert Indries

Robert Indries started his career as an engineer and has taken that scientific and analytical approach into his successful entrepreneurial business career. The general belief is that engineers are not good at the people stuff, but Robert turns that idea on its head. I was curious how he used his learnings as he built his businesses to understand better how to help his clients. He joined me at the Edges of Lean to generously share his insights.


Robert Indries   


Robert Indries, an entrepreneur and strategist, began his journey in a small Romanian town. With humble roots, he adopted the belief: “You can achieve anything, no matter where you are now.”

Earning his master’s degree in information technology project management, Robert built an 8-business empire generating seven figures annually. He traveled and visited 17 countries and spoke to thousands of people in 3 languages. Robert has accumulated over 500 million USD in client business value and delivered over 200 projects across 19 sectors and industries.



00:01:59 Pursuing engineering at a young age.

00:06:19 Thinking like an engineer.

00:10:05 Reality vs Utopia.

00:13:17 Four types of personalities.

00:16:08 Our natural and adaptive selves.

00:25:03 Focusing on others to win.

00:29:01 Ethical business recommendations.

00:30:32 Taking midday naps at work.

00:34:03 Taking productive breaks.

00:40:19 De-risking their business is the best thing you can do as a consultant.

00:42:28 The value of building a brand.

00:46:37 Stop thinking people should be.

00:49:06 Accepting people for who they are





  • The importance of continuous improvement in business
  • The role of engineering mindset in business success
  • Understanding and working with different personality types
  • The power of listening and being customer-focused
  • The value of data-driven decision-making
  • Balancing personal and professional goals as a leader
  • The impact of inclusivity and diversity in the workplace
  • The benefits of taking breaks and prioritizing self-care
  • Using data to identify areas for improvement in marketing, sales, HR, and finance
  • The importance of testing and adapting strategies for optimal results




Memorable Quotes From Robert Indries


“If the mission is important enough, you will find a way to work with anyone.”



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