The Edges of Lean — Ep 109 Continuous Improvement and Your Core Values with Andrea Johnson


Do you know what your core values are? Have they changed during your life as you grew, gained experience, and broadened your perspectives? Some people are very clear about their core values, while others are not or wonder if they need re-examining. Johnson’s work centers on supporting people, especially women, as they define and align with their core values. She joined me at The Edges of Lean to share her insights.


Andrea Johnson  


Andrea Johnson is a coach and mentor who empowers executives and founders to lead authentically and confidently. She makes a positive impact on their lives, organizations, and communities. As an adoptive parent who grew up internationally, Andrea understands the importance of mental and physical wellness and the need for emotional resilience. She discovered that uncovering and understanding her Core Values was crucial to her growth, and now she helps her clients do the same.

Andrea specializes in working with leaders who feel stifled and unsatisfied with their current level of influence. Her passion lies in equipping female leaders to redefine the culture by trusting their critical thinking, imaginative creativity, and leadership skills.



00:08:57 Leadership is about growing people.

00:11:13 Embrace your big personality.

00:11:35 Childhood leadership memories.

00:17:27 Core values guide our actions.

00:23:05 Coaching skills are essential in lean management.

00:26:08 Curiosity is a key for coaching.

00:29:30 The power of critical thinking.

00:31:25 Understanding personal beliefs and values.

00:38:36 Trust yourself, you have got this.



  • Core values and their importance in personal growth
  • The journey of defining and aligning with core values
  • Supporting women in discovering and embracing their core values
  • The impact of core values on leadership development
  • The relationship between core values and communication styles (DISC)
  • The power of intentional optimism in personal and professional life
  • The significance of standing tall and owning beliefs and values
  • The importance of developing critical thinking skills
  • Trusting oneself and embracing personal values as a foundation for success

Memorable Quotes From Andrea Johnson  


“Trust yourself because you know your core values even though you have not named them.”

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