The Edges of Lean — Ep 118 Iterating Your Way to Great Leadership with Brian Walch

Iteration is the key to lean thinking and especially to lean design and lean product development.  Brian Walch uses iteration to develop individual contributors into managers and managers into leaders. He joined me at the Edges of Lean to share his approach and how he has developed it independently of the Lean community.


Brian Walch


Brian Walch is a coach, consultant, and personal and professional development speaker. He started Shiftfocus Coaching and Consulting company to support managers and address the need for more great managers in the world. Brian has developed the Integrated Life Framework, a tool that aids practical self-awareness and promotes personal and professional growth. This framework has been beneficial not only to himself but also to others seeking success in their lives.

Drawing on his expertise in people and systems, Brian develops effective tools and processes that drive change from within.





00:00:00 Iterating leadership development through iteration.
00:05:06 Moving into project management.
00:11:58 Adapting to Agile Methodologies.
00:13:28 Agile and Scrum approaches.
00:19:46 Self-reflection and learning.
00:26:35 Insights on organizational change.
00:33:15 Shifting from criticism to learning.
00:34:37 Learning through experience and respect.
00:38:19 Investing in emotional intelligence.




  • Iteration is crucial for improving leadership skills, while reflection enables self-assessment and adjustment in leadership approaches.
  • Breaking down leadership development into modules helps individuals focus on specific areas of gradual growth.
  • Implementing a structured iteration cycle facilitates continuous learning and improvement in leadership skills.
  • Reflection promotes self-awareness, identifies areas for development, and enhances leadership effectiveness.
  • Embracing continuous learning is essential for evolving as a leader and inspiring others.
  • Developing emotional intelligence is crucial for effective communication, decision-making, and relationship-building.
  • Cultivating meaningful connections provides guidance, opportunities, and valuable insights.
  • Understanding and working effectively with people is the key to success in any field.
  • Recognizing the value of individuals fosters a culture of collaboration, trust, and learning.
  • Developing interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence enhances effectiveness and promotes positive work environments.



Memorable Quotes From Brian Walch


“Remember that it is always about people, and you should invest in emotional intelligence and develop and maintain your relationships with people.”


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