The Edges of Lean — Ep 127 Continually Improving Lead Generation with Jamaul Ford




You took the big plunge and started your own business.  Maybe you already have a customer or two.  But what comes next?  Jamaul Ford is a second-generation entrepreneur with some great ideas about what you already know about learning cycles for finding and connecting with customers. Let’s listen to what he has to say.

Jamaul Ford

Jamaul Ford, or Jamaul the Maven, is an accomplished second-generation entrepreneur whose business journey goes beyond commercial success. His mission revolves around fostering growth, empathy, and community. With a strong belief in understanding and connecting with people, Jamaul’s business approach centers on empowering others to succeed. He has successfully scaled diverse businesses, taking startups from zero to 10k and guiding enterprises to reach milestones of 100k and beyond. As a leader, he actively engages with his team, values learning from every experience, and advocates for open collaboration and collective growth.




00:01:04 Second Generation Entrepreneurship

00:06:22 Finding Your Passion in Business.

00:10:45 Lean continuous improvement techniques.

00:12:04 Listening to customers for success.

00:18:34 Creative problem-solving in business.

00:21:29 Understanding client needs.

00:23:42 What qualifies as a lead.

00:31:17 Using GPT prompt for research.





  • Transitioning into entrepreneurship is easier when you have a strong foundation and a passion for your work.
  • When starting a business, focus on solving a problem or addressing a need that you resonate with. 
  • Establish rapport and build relationships with potential clients before offering your services.
  • Understand the needs of your target market to tailor your pitch and marketing efforts effectively.
  • Use tools like adaptive intelligence and artificial intelligence to gather insights or refine your messaging.


Memorable Quotes From Jamaul Ford

“Sometimes, people do not know what they need until you have shown them what they need.”

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