The Edges of Lean — Ep 70 Continuous Improvement and Empathy with Anjani Mahabashya

Dr. Anjani Mahabashya had a childhood dream to be a doctor. She achieved her dream and got her dream job working in a premier medical center. Everything came crashing down the day she had a devastating fall. She is here to share what she learned about empathy, and why empathetic leaders matter when employees are at their most vulnerable. This is a story that all Continuous Improvement leaders who are working to build the habit of “Respect for People” should hear.


Anjani talks about her work in healthcare and her focus on improving the system for patients, physicians, and insurance companies. She discusses her journey of becoming a doctor and her motivation for wanting to help people. She will also share her experience of moving to the United States for medical training and how she had to serve in an underserved area to stay in the country.



  • The work of a physician advisor and how her team applies continuous improvement.
  • Why Anjani was passionate about becoming a physician.
  • Her journey to the United States and why she worked in underserved areas.
  • What happened after she had her fall, what she needed during her recovery and how empathy shown to her made all the difference.
  • What hope meant to her during her recovery.
  • What Anjani learned about the power of networking.
  • Why empathy needs to flow both ways as the health care providers struggle in the post-pandemic world
  • Anjani’s work with bridging the digital divide for senior citizens.





  • The importance of empathy in leadership, and how it creates connection and engagement.
  • Hope is crucial even in the worst of circumstances.
  • Your network is your safety net.



Memorable Quotes From Anjani Mahabashya


  • “Empathy teaches you to be mindful”