The Edges of Lean — Ep 71 Continuous Improvement and Agile Communication with Katja Schleicher

Some compelling features of agile product development are flexibility and resilience. An agile project can deal with problems and new learning and pivot to take advantage of that new learning. My guest, Katja Schleicher has insights about how to apply those agile principles of flexibility and resilience to communication. We can all benefit from better communication, so check out our fascinating conversation!

Katja Schleicher is a sought-after Communications Expert Trainer and keynote speaker.  She gets managers, teams, women, and men to talk – and improves their communicative impact in Public Speeches, conversations, and media interviews. Words, what they mean, and how they “come across” to the audience are her passion and business model. In this order. After a long career in PR, advertising, TV, and corporate communications for high-tech companies, she has been on the road for nearly two decades to guide her audiences through all the (intercultural) communication shallows and misunderstandings.