The Edges of Lean — Ep 75 Continuous Improvement and Couples Coaching with Dr. Robin Buckley

Episode 75 Continuous Improvement and Couples Coaching, with Dr. Robin Buckley


If you are a coach, have you ever thought about the family relationships of your clients? If you have a coach, how does your coaching experience engage your family relationships? How might a couple benefit from engaging in coaching together? And how is that different from couple therapy? Dr. Robin Buckley specializes in executive coaching -which includes executive couples.  I invited her to tell us about her approach.

Dr. Robin Buckley, CPC, helps high-achieving individuals thrive in their careers and relationships. She is an author, professional speaker, and cognitive-behavioral coach who works with executive women and high-performance couples. Her proprietary coaching model uses a business framework and cognitive-behavioral strategies to support clients in creating and executing concrete, strategic plans for developing their careers and relationships. The owner of Insights Group Psychological & Coaching Services, Dr. Buckley has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and served as a doctoral professor and dissertation chair for students in business, leadership, education, and healthcare. She has published two books, including Voices From the Village: Advice for girls on the verge of adulthood. Dr. Buckley is a columnist for and has been featured as an expert on multiple media platforms, including Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Nike, various podcasts, News Radio 96.7, and WGN Radio 720, and was a TEDx speaker in May 2022.