The Edges of Lean — Ep 78 Continuous Improvement, Wisdom and Compassion with Wendy Nash

Wendy Nash coaches people with meditation. She joined me to share how to make meditation part of your daily practice. Her approach is beautifully aligned with the reflection that is intrinsic to lean thinking and can help us develop our “respect for people” mindset. One note: We had some internet challenges as we were recording this podcast, and you might notice a little interference.  Let’s hear what Wendy has to say.

Wendy Nash

Wendy Nash holds a four-year somatic psychotherapy degree. She has been practicing loving-kindness and other meditations for about 20 years, and her honors thesis for her Bachelor of Psychology examined the impact of loving-kindness meditation on prosocial behavior. These guide her interactions with customers who are eager to learn how to incorporate different types of meditation practices into their daily lives. Her relationships and well-being have greatly benefited from these accomplishments and experiences, which have far outweighed the negative effects of her traumatic early experiences. Like many people, she hasn’t had an easy ride. She had to deal with difficulties in her personal life, like a death in the family and a divorce. Her main objective has been to look after herself, which has helped her avoid becoming a burden to others. She is prepared for every scenario, which helps her remain composed even in the most stressful conditions.





0:02:41 Aboriginal wisdom and the modern world

0:06:29 The impact of meditation on daily life

0:10:23 The power of positive thinking: how kindness can create connections

0:18:33 The power of appreciation in the workplace

0:22:41 The wisdom of Confucianism and Buddhism

0:27:57 Buddhist teachings on respecting others

0:29:46 The impact of childhood trauma on adult relationships

0:31:46 Wendy’s journey to understanding racism and white privilege

0:40:28 The impact of colonization on indigenous peoples

0:45:50 The importance of compassion in everyday life



  • Where are we from is a highly complex question
  • Knowing where are you going, knowing who you are and where you come from are keys to future success.
  • Wendy recommends reading positive news first thing in the morning as it is so easy to be drawn to and absorb oneself in negative news. 
  • Too much expectation can drive us crazy. The most important aspect of developing is to do small things and expect small returns. 
  • Feedback should not be taken personally. 
  • The best way to start your day is to look for a small act of kindness and love. 
  • Two of the most important principles in a good work relationship, are being appreciated and understanding how your work positively contributes to the company. 
  • Having two or multiple perspectives about one certain situation will help us to learn and develop beyond our measurements.


Memorable Quotes From Wendy Nash


“The very first thing in continuous development is to understand we are both part of the good and the bad”