The Edges of Lean — Ep 81 Continuous Improvement and Women In Tech with Limor Bergman Gross


It’s 2022 – well it’s almost 2023, and women in technology are not unusual – but there’s still plenty of female talent not taking part or staying in the tech sector.  Limor Bergman Gross has time-tested tips on how to succeed as a woman in tech – and how to be a great sponsor of women in tech.

Meet Limor, a revolutionary thinker whose valuable insights help empower women in lean. She is making an impact on how women look at success in the tech world!

Limor Bergman Gross


Limor Bergman Gross has been a mentor for women in tech for over five years. In addition, she was a director of engineering and acquired experience working as an engineer, manager, and director. She is passionate about working and supporting women due to the fact that the engineering industry is a male-dominated industry. She started supporting and helping to grow when she returned to Israel as she believes she is following her callings.





0:02:28 The impact of women in technical careers

0:11:51 The power and importance of taking risks in your career

0:17:50 The difference between a sponsor and a mentor

0:19:43 The Importance of a sponsor or mentor in the workplace

0:21:41 The differentiation between a coach and a mentor

0:27:38 The differentiating factor of being yourself in coaching

0:29:43 The benefits of technology in education

0:31:23 The impact of college pressure on Israeli students

0:36:02 The importance of encouraging young people to follow their passions

0:37:41 The power of human connection




  • In order to progress in one’s career, a person should take risks and get out of their comfort zones.
  • The support that the women receive from their managers at work could have a huge impact on their productivity of the work.
  • Women can be successful in the tech sector if they believe in their potential and strength
  • It doesn’t matter in what industry you are working, if you feel you can make an impact, go for it.
  • If you are lost on your way, one of the best options is to look for mentors or people who have gone your way before.
  • To make progress and see more women in the tech industry, it’s important to have women in leadership positions as well.
  • The biggest challenge with the women is not due to their lack of education but due to the lack of confidence they have
  • Women should be bold and courageous and they should not let their fear stop them from going forward.
  • Women used to wait to receive, however, it should be changed, and they should ask for what they deserve.
  • Challenge your weakness and alter that to your strength, this way, women could be successful in any field they wish to.

Memorable Quotes From Limor Bergman Gross

“We need women to be bold, courageous, resilient, and believe in themselves.”

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