The Edges of Lean — Ep 83 Continuously Improving Your Employees’ Experiences with Lori-Ann Duguay

Lori-Ann Duguay worked in government for two decades – and it was there she says that she learned how NOT to treat employees. Now she works with organizations to help them create happier more effective workplaces by focusing on the employee experience as a process that can and should be continuously improved.  Lori-Ann joined me to share her experiences and insights.

Lori-Ann Duguay

Lori-Ann Duguay helps companies become that highly-sought after employer where people want to work, stay and thrive! After working 21 years in government in various roles, she realized she had become a tenant of the workplace tethered by the golden shackles of a good pension and benefits. She decided to combine her career experiences both inside and outside government as an HR strategist, talent development expert, professional coach, and dispute resolution practitioner with her in-depth understanding of talent management and employee engagement to start her own company that teaches organizations and Leaders how to adopt a people-centered approach to leadership, talent development, and conflict resolution.



0:00:11 Improving employee experiences

0:02:50 How HR create happier and more engaging workplaces

0:07:45 The importance of mapping out the employee’s journey

0:09:25 Engaging employee experience

0:12:44 The people-centered approach

0:14:21 The importance of a long-term approach

0:21:47 Employee’s engagement in rapid organizational growth

0:26:09 Why you should invest in your people

0:32:20 Establishing a talent development strategy

0:36:13 The importance of change management in employee engagement


Key Takeaways

  • Being well-versed in transactional operational HR will produce more overarching employee experiences
  • Better bandwidth is needed to execute more strategic exercises
  • Establishing a longer-term vision for people helps develop initiatives and improvements
  • Mapping out the employee’s journey is a process of ensuring that the company is delivering on the pitch they made during the interview.
  • Optimizing the process of engagement helps the employees set up their success
  • Communication is important to make sure that the employees are happy with their experience
  • Onboarding and orientation are important to provide support for the employees
  • Identifying high-potential candidates is important to provide them with development opportunities

Memorable Quote From Lori-Ann Duguay

“Coalition is key because those are your champions, those are your cheerleaders, they’re your Mythbusters”


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