The Edges of Lean — Ep 87 Continuously Improving Your Knowledge Management with Dr. Cindy Young

Every time we use our lean practices to define and solve a problem, we create knowledge.  How can we improve our organizational recognition and management of all that newly created knowledge – which is key to not having the same problem occur again?  It turns out that knowledge management itself requires a process and continuous improvement and Dr. Cindy Young is here to share her insights.

Cindy is the Founder/CEO of CJ Young Consulting, LLC, a knowledge management consulting firm, and Curriculum Development and Training Lead with Leidos in Virginia Beach after retiring as a Surface Warfare Officer with 23 years in the U.S. Navy. She holds professional certifications as a PMP, LSSMBB, and CMQ/OE. Cindy has written for Harvard Business Review and is a Management columnist for ISE Magazine. In September 2020, she gave a TEDx Talk called “A Knowledge Mindset: What You Know Comes from Where You Sit.” In February 2023, her book, The Knowledge Management Memory Jogger®, was published by Goal/QPC.