The Edges of Lean — Ep 93 Continuously Improving Your Voice with John Henny


Do you like your voice? Does your voice help you to get your message across? How do you take care of your voice? John Henny is a voice coach who works with speakers to help them use their voices to be more compelling and influential, and he is here at The Edges of Lean to give us methods and tips for being better users and caretakers of our great voices. 


John Henny

John Henny is a highly experienced voice coach who has helped thousands of people improve their communication skills. He is a featured lecturer at various prestigious institutions and conferences and coaches professionals in corporate businesses, the military, sports announcing, and voice-over artists. He employs creative methods to alleviate stress and enhance the quality of his clients’ vocals. He is a skilled writer, host of a podcast, and designer of internet-based courses, with a substantial fan base.


00:00 – Using your voice to be more compelling and Influential

07:42 – The resonance of the power of voice 

09:10 – How essential your vocal tract is 

10:26 – How to make sure your voice is heard.

16:25 – The importance of variety and pace in speaking

20:39 – The magic of best performance is the combination of familiar and unfamiliar.

23:26 – Importance of being structured and memorable.

27:42 – Emotional connection is the key to being unstoppable.

30:50 – The importance of non-verbal communication.

36:52 – The importance of Breathing 

40:55 – Take care, be aware, and connect with your voice 



  • To be more compelling and influential, you need to use your voice effectively. The power of voice is in its resonance. 
  • Your vocal tract is essential for creating different sounds, tones, and pitches, and understand how it works to use it effectively.
  • To be heard, you need to project your voice, use pauses, and speak with clarity.
  • Variety and pace in speaking are crucial for keeping your audience engaged. Monotony can make you sound uninteresting.
  • The magic of the best performance lies in the combination of familiar and unfamiliar elements
  • Emotional connection is the key to being unstoppable
  • Non-verbal communication is just as important as verbal communication. Use eye contact, gestures, and body language to enhance your message.
  • Breathing is essential for good vocal production. Ude breathing exercises to improve your breathing technique.


Memorable Quote from John Henny 

“Connect with your voice, have an awareness of your voice, and take care of your voice. Taking care of your voice is going to help not only your professional but also your personal life. It is our number one means of emotional connection with other people.”

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