The Edges of Lean — Ep 95 Continuous Improvement and Perfect Attendance with Harriet Stein


Harriet Stein would like us to pay attention.  Paying attention is an absolute necessity for lean practitioners – but it is not something we all find easy – or even know how to start practicing.  Harriet kindly spent some time with me at the Edges of Lean explaining how to build our attentiveness skills and why improving them can improve our lean practices and our quality of life. Harriet is the author of “Perfect Attendance: Being Present for Life.

Experience her delightful and captivating perspective on this topic. Don’t miss it!


Harriet Stein 

Harriet Stein is an inspirational teacher and professional speaker passionate about speaking to organizations on how mindfulness can benefit them. Her customized mindfulness programs provide practical tools for a fulfilling and productive life. 

Harriet created the award-winning Take a Pause Mindfulness training program. She has extensive experience teaching mindful practices at Fortune 500 companies to improve corporate culture. While at Johnson & Johnson, she taught over 5,000 employees Mindfulness strategies.

Mixing research and science with fun, Harriet’s proven strategies teach living in the present and being accessible professionally and personally. Learn how to reduce stress and achieve more creativity, efficiency, or better sleep!


00:01:10 – The importance of paying attention and building attentiveness skills to improve Lean practice and quality of life
00:05:30 – What is mindfulness, and how can we pay attention without judgment
00:10:54 – Being mindful at 2:00 AM, and control your racing thoughts before you go to sleep
00:15:02 –  What is being present in lean practice, and how to cultivate the right mental state
00:17:26 – Practicing non-judgment and compassion mindfulness
00:23:30 – Attitudes needed for a lean project and the importance of preconceived ideas about oneself and others
00:28:11 – Non-striving and stress and the harmful effect of stress on mindfulness
00:34:29 – The power of gratitude and acceptance
00:35:30 – Generosity and kindness in the workplace and how it can create a positive work environment
00:37:09 – Opportunities for learning and growth both professionally and personally
00:39:44 – The practice of acceptance and how the practice of acceptance can help us deal with difficult situations.
00:45:01 – Mindfulness in manufacturing and how it helped employees become more aware and focused on safety


  • Unravel how mindfulness practices can elevate productivity and foster a healthy work environment.
  • Acquire the attitudes for mindfulness mastery, including trust, non-judgment, and letting go.
  • Gain insight into the benefits of teaching mindfulness to children, promoting resilience and emotional well-being.
  • Learn the positive impact of gratitude and generosity on teamwork and interpersonal dynamics.
  • Examine methods for approaching fear and conflict mindfully and fostering a more accepting mindset.
  • Unveil the secrets to boosting workplace efficiency and personal well-being through mindfulness practices.
  • Dive into crucial attitudes for adopting mindfulness, such as beginner’s mind, letting go, and compassion.
  • Understand the importance of introducing mindfulness to children in developing positive mental habits.
  • Realize the potential of expressing appreciation and kindness in enhancing teamwork and communication.
  • Delve into mindful techniques for navigating challenging emotions and conflicts with more ease and understanding.


Memorable Quotes From Harriet Stein


“You are capable of impacting thousands and thousands of people with just one decision.”

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