The Edges of Lean — Ep 97 Continuous Improvement and Intentional Leadership with Shana Francesca

I love to interview people with unusual career paths. Shana Francesca started her career as an interior designer. Her work in intentionally creating physical environments that supported people’s needs led her into coaching leaders in intentional leadership to build effective and efficient and healthy work environments. Let’s hear Shana’s story!


Shana Francesca


Shana Francesca is a sought-after speaker, writer, and the Founder & CEO of Concinnate LLC, a company focused on intentional leadership and life design. She has shared her message extensively, with over 90 podcast interviews worldwide and published articles in Medium, Authority Magazine, Shoutout LA, Emotional Intelligence+ Magazine, and more.

At Concinnate, Shana helps people transform their present and future by living intentionally, designing their ideal lives, and embracing their power as the author of their own stories. She believes that infusing intention into how we live and lead allows us to realize untold joy, connection, and meaning.

With her unique perspective and experience, Shana inspires audiences and readers to craft the lives they desire through purposeful intention and conscious action.


 00:01:02 – Importance of intentional leadership and living
 00:02:29 – Recognizing the coaching element in interior design
 00:04:10 – The power of the physical environment
 00:09:19 – Customization and recognizing individual needs
 00:16:11 – Why group coaching is not for children
 00:17:13 – Duration and structure of group coaching
 00:18:25 – Goals and intentionality in group coaching
 00:20:08 – Leadership as becoming yourself
 00:26:18 – Questioning toxic leadership
 00:32:12 – The importance of affordability and care
 00:33:21 – The ethics of lean and work-life balance
 00:34:23 – Redundancy and creating a supportive work environment
 00:36:07 – Leading with ethics and compassion  



  • Discover the hidden vitality unlocked by intentional leadership and mindful living.
  • Lift the veil on how physical settings shape your well-being and drive your productivity.
  • Unearth how fostering curiosity, bravery, vulnerability, and focus can make you a trendsetting leader.
  • Learn the secrets of non-linear communication and how to transform your listening into a leadership asset.
  • Explore the path to creating an inclusive culture that cherishes individual autonomy.


Memorable Quote from Shana Francesca

“Create an environment that facilitates your needs, both aesthetically and functionally.”



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