The Edges of Lean — Ep 98 Continuous Improvement and Staying Flowcused with Stéfany Oliver

An essential principle of lean thinking is “one-piece flow.” One way of looking at that is to focus on finishing what you start before you take on other tasks, whether building a car in a factory or managing paperwork.  But our lives constantly call us to multitask and take on more than we can complete, and as a result, we get overwhelmed.   Lean coach Stéfany Oliver has been studying how to overcome the feeling of overwhelm in our lives, and she has written a book to help us all! 

 Stéfany Oliver

Stéfany is a passion-driven coach who helps overwhelmed people find flow in work, home, and life. She lives by the manifesto of “fueled by plants, perspective, and prayer.” Stéfany has grown into her purpose as a food creator, speaker, author, and storyteller. She has built her health, wellness, and optimization coaching business while spending time with family and drawing inspiration from nature. In addition, Stéfany has been with Statistics Canada for over 15 years, demonstrating strong commitment and growth within the organization. She has taken on leadership roles managing major HR and workplace transformation initiatives.


0:01:18 – HowlLean thinking and flow concepts apply to personal life
0:03:33 – Setting limits to create a better flow in daily life
0:06:30 – Example of setting limits for personal quiet time
0:08:50 – The importance of intention and value creation in the daily flow
0:11:48 – Applying flow concepts to the workplace
0:13:20 – The importance of focus and single-piece flow in work
0:20:03 – The role of time and energy levels in the daily flow
0:24:19 – Creating physical and digital space for better flow
0:29:22 – Understanding and respecting personal capacity for optimal flow


Key Takeaways

  • Lean thinking and flow concepts can be applied to work and personal life to create a better daily flow.
  • Setting limits and creating space for quiet time can help beat overwhelm and improve focus and energy.
  • Knowing oneself and understanding individual energy levels and capacity is crucial for managing time effectively.
  • Physical and digital space organization is essential for reducing clutter and improving productivity.
  • Being studious and continuously learning is the unique characteristic of great leaders.


Memorable Quotes From  Stéfany Oliver 


“If you want to be a leader and be effective, you have to be serious about the sort of craft of leadership style you want to possess.”

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