The Edges of Lean — Episode 24: Continuous Improvement and Creating a Resilient Organization

Episode 24: Continuous Improvement and Building a Resilient Culture

In Jodi Woelkerling’s book, World Class Leadership :10 Critical Insights Every Leader Needs to Know to Foster, Create and Build an Enduring Resilient Culture she shares how stress as well as resilience is common across all industries. Through her book leaders can find activities that help them build strength within themselves as well as others which will lead them towards a more productive workforce.


Jodi is an Author, Coach and Consultant. passionate about assisting businesses to build an enduring resilient culture at the whole culture level, the various levels of leadership within the business and at the individual level, so that the business as a whole and the individuals within the business can experience the enormous benefits of an enduring resilient culture

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Topics in this podcast:

  • Jodi in her career reached a turning point when stress increased in her job so much that it started impacting her health. That’s when she started down a path of helping herself and then turning and helping others who were in the same position.
  • What is resilience? When we have stressors, and all of us will have it in our life, picking up signs of stress early and being self-aware enough to get us back as much in that state of calm as quickly as possible.
  • Understanding why people quit their job due to stress and how can leaders help them to stay in the organization and how they can mitigate some of the reasons for stress.
  • What is psychological safety and understanding the positive effects it has on employee wellbeing and success.
  • In a small businesses or company investing in people is very imprtnat. You gain benefits you can gain when your leadership has a positive impact of on your employees.
  • Healthcare organizations dropped their continuous improvement plan due to the pandemic, but what can they do to keep it going? What motivates them to pursue it?




  • Jodi’s new book is a road map for leaders and employees to handle stress within the workplace. It also provides advice on how managers can motivate their team in addition to keeping them going even when they are faced with challenges.
  • Stress is common in any industry, which can be exhausting; we need people to motivate us and push the boundaries of our abilities and that is what leaders are supposed to do.
  • Employees with psychological safety are more confident in their work. This confidence makes them produce better results for the company, further encouraging a positive atmosphere where everyone can succeed together
  • Leaders should have a close relationship with their employees to boost their trust and confidence working together because that is the great foundation of teamwork that leads to success.
  • Despite the pandemic, healthcare workers still have a job to do. They need someone who can motivate them and give them time for themselves so that they don’t burn out entirely.
  • Leadership is not limited to just managing the team’s work; you can always reach out to your people in ways that show that you really care about them.

Memorable Quotes from the Episode


‘’Knowing what your triggers are, knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are, knowing what situation helps you perform at your best self-awareness will go an enormous way and help you develop your strengths.’’


So there are different stressors in different industries, definitely but stress is a common I think across all of them.