The Edges of Lean — Episode 27: Continuous Improvement and the Counseling Continuum

Jessica House 

Jessica House is an experienced mental health counselor and coach, She is the founder of LightHouse Counselling and Wellness and she has a  formal training in Children’s Mental health and she has a counselling psychology background, she is also a child and family therapist in a Children’s Mental health in Ottawa then moved into a leadership position later on.



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  Key topics in this podcast:

  • Jessica’s background and how her counselling background enhances her lean work and vice versa.
  • What is the Importance of mental health awareness and wellness for everyone, including children and families?
  • What is the difference between coaching and counseling and where might they overlap?
  • How can we determine if someone is struggling with their mental health? 
  • What are the red flags and signals that we need to refer someone into a psychologist?
  • What are the ways to help someone who is having anxiety, suicidal thoughts or mental health issues? Is therapy the only solution? 
  • How does Jessica use lean with her kids? And how it can help her children to be more disciplined and resourceful?
  • What are the programs that Jessica is currently building? How can it be beneficial for the parents that are struggling handling and counselling their kids?


  • Mental health is a really important topic for everyone, especially with children and families. Unfortunately it’s often taken lightly or even ignored because people don’t always know what they can do to help out their loved ones who suffer from depression.
  • Counselling can be an effective way to help someone struggling with their mental well-being.
  • It’s important for people who care about the person they’re interacting with to identify signs before things get worse – and anyone can start helping by listening and caring.
  • Lean practices can really help family life.

Words of wisdom or Tweet-ables 

Jessica House 

“I think sometimes when there’s so much information, and we already know the answers deep down inside, we’ve got some good intuition, but unfortunately, other people’s opinions cloud our own voice.”