The HR Social Hour Half Hour Podcast — 22: SHRM18 Special Edition – Wendy talks to Louis Lessig

It’s a #SHRM18 edition where Wendy talks to Louis Lessig, a labor and employment attorney with Brown & Connery, LLP.  This conversation was held for a blog post Wendy wrote but we thought the conversation was too much fun not to be shared!  

Louis will be presenting multiple times during the conference:  

FLSA Jeopardy on Monday 06/18 at 7 AM

ADA Jeopardy on Tuesday 06/19 at 12:40 PM on the Smart Stage

Understanding Cybersecurity: The New Role of HR in Protecting Your Organization on Wednesday 06/20 at 10:25 AM on the Smart Stage

Connect with Louis on Twitter @LouisLessig