The Lean Solutions Podcast: Achieving Strategic Goals With Calvin Williams

In this episode, Calvin Williams and I delve into the essence of FIT, exploring its foundational premise and its role in guiding organizations. As our conversation unfolds, we unravel the relationship between FIT and Agile Strategy Execution, dissecting how these concepts synergize to empower organizations with the adaptability and strategic prowess needed in today's dynamic landscape.

What You'll Learn:

  1. What is the premise of FIT?

  2. How does an organization become FIT?

  3. How does FIT work with Lean?

  4. What exactly is Agile Strategy Execution?

  5. What is the relationship between FIT and Agile Strategy Execution?

About the Guest:  Throughout his career, he has helped generate over $2.5B in cost savings and growth opportunities for some amazing organizations. This was done by applying sound principles of Industrial Engineering, Lean, Operations Leadership, and Respect for People. He works on the cutting edge of both Operational Excellence and technology and is also a SaaS founder who understands how to apply the latest developments in tech like AI, ML, IoT, VR/AR, Cloud, and many others to accelerate growth and Operational Excellence.


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