The Lean Solutions Podcast: Beyond Waste Elimination

What You’ll Learn:

In this episode, hosts Catherine McDonald and Shayne Daughenbaugh discuss process management as it emerges as a pivotal mechanism for organizational efficiency. 

 Unlike mere process mapping or SOP creation, it involves continual optimization aligned with overarching goals. Effective leadership, systematic frameworks, and technological integration are key drivers, while challenges
such as employee engagement and communication clarity must be navigated for successful implementation.

About the Guest: 

Matt Spears is a business improvement professional with a passion for leading change and transforming the way value is created. Because customer value is created through business processes, Matt was necessarily drawn to the world of process management. Matt currently serves as a Senior Solutions Engineer for Nintex – a leading process management and automation software company. In his
current role, Matt has the privilege of helping organizations achieve operational excellence through business process management. 


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