The Lean Solutions Podcast — Creating a Lean Culture with David Mann

This week I’m speaking with David Mann, who has over 25 years of consulting on lean and lean management implementations in a wide range of manufacturing, health care, enterprise business processes, and extended value chains.

In this episode we talk about David’s book and one of my favorite lean books, Creating a Lean Culture and how you can create the behaviors and practices of a lean management system in your own organization.

What You’ll Learn This Episode:

  • What inspired David to write Creating a Lean Culture
  • The specific behaviors and practices that instilled a lean management system
  • Mindset shifts for implementing lean systems
  • The most important aspect in sustaining a lean culture
  • Where David has seen the elements of lean management applied

About the Guest:

David Mann is the principal of David Mann Lean Consulting. In 15 years of lean experience at Steelcase Inc., Mann developed the concepts and tools of a lean management system, supporting 40+ lean manufacturing value stream transformations, and then leading an internal team that completed over 100 successful lean conversions in administrative and business process value streams. He established a consulting practice in 2005, serving organizations across industries worldwide.

David is an implementer, consultant, coach, teacher and the author of the book Creating a Lean Culture, in which he won a Shingo Award.

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