The Lean Solutions Podcast: Creating A People-First Lean Culture

What You’ll Learn:

In this episode, hosts Andy Olrich and Catherine McDonald explore the slow adoption of Lean principles in small businesses, highlighting the challenges in learning Lean and coaching these principles. 

The emphasis on hands-on learning and the effectiveness of the KATA approach suggest that its practical skill set makes it stand out among various Lean methodologies, prompting a discussion on why it isn't more widely promoted by leaders in the Lean space.

About the Guest: 

Don Watza, a highly experienced and passionate problem-solver with a BS in business operations and diverse certificates, boasts a successful career in HR, people management, process improvement, and IT. Founding two businesses and a non-profit, he collaborated with major entities like the State of Michigan, Michigan Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Comerica Bank. Specializing in healthcare and HR finance transactions, Don excels in leading complex projects and teams, praised for fostering innovation. His expertise includes identifying process and system gaps, and he's recently embraced Lean principles, particularly tools like KATA, for continuous improvement. Don's legacy lies in driving positive change where the work is done.


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