The Lean Solutions Podcast: Developing a Lean Culture – Lean Leadership Week

In this episode, I am playing a recording of my speaking event last week at Lean Leadership Week for Lean Frontiers. Lean Leadership Week is an annual gathering of those seeking to learn, implement, and sustain successful lean transformations in order to address some of the most common challenges in lean organizations. The Summit highlights companies who are addressing these challenges through Lean Accounting, Lean HR, Lean Management, and Lean People Development.

My presentation was titled: Developing a Lean Culture. During the presentation, I discuss the three simple areas that need attention in order to achieve a true culture of continuous improvement. I also present a model to adopt understanding in change management. Finally, I challenged the listeners with three questions:

1. Do you have a long-term vision?

2. Have you developed expectations for behaviors?

3. Is it safe for your employees to fail?


2022 Virtual Lean Leadership Week


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