The Lean Solutions Podcast: Expanding CI Horizons With David Larsen

In this episode, David Larsen and I discuss respect for people, and CI in the office.

What You’ll Learn:
1. Share about your professional journey and background.
2. Tell me about your day job…
3. Recently (in March, or how you find best to phrase) you spoke at the Lean and Six Sigma World Conference in Orlando…. Why did you seek the speaking opportunity?
4. What do you think sets your work or approach apart from others in your field?
5. What brings you joy?

About the Guest: David is a certified Planning and Scheduling Professional, certified Project Management Professional (PMP ®), Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, content creator, public speaker, writer, podcast guest and subject matter expert with more than 20 years of experience with projects, process improvement, data analytics, and facilitation across industries including government, manufacturing, healthcare, human resources, and finance.

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