The Lean Solutions Podcast: Give Wings To Your Team

What You’ll Learn: In this episode, hosts Andy Olrich and Patrick Adams discuss the difficulty of Navigating through a crisis of market competition and organizational chaos.

Through the transformative power of Toyota Kata in Lean methodology, we can embrace a culture of scientific thinking and coaching. Learning to empower our teams, transcend conventional practices, and unlock new realms of success gives us a path to success through continuous improvement.

About the Guest: 

Tilo Schwarz supports organizations and managers in successfully leading change and empowering their teams for improvement, adaptiveness, and superior results. He was a plant manager at a renowned German power-tool manufacturer, where he and his management team started practicing Toyota Kata as part of Mike Rother's groundbreaking research in 2007. By doing so, Tilo and his team established continuous improvement as a daily working routine throughout all processes and areas of the plant. That led to winning the A. T. Kearny manufacturing competition “Factory of the Year” and a WHU/INSEAD Industrial Excellence Award. Tilo is co-founder of the Campus for Leaders at the University of Applied Science Ansbach and the author of several books on coaching and Toyota Kata.


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