The Lean Solutions Podcast: Humanist Manufacturing with Dr. Joe Sprangel

In this episode, Dr. Joe Sprangel and I discuss Humanist Manufacturing. Joe explains the Humanist Manufacturing Framework to include the humanist commitments necessary for leader success.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. What is Humanist Manufacturing?
  2. Could you share the phases of your humanist manufacturing framework?
  3. What are the humanist commitments you used as the foundation of your framework?
  4. The second phase is focused on the leader and the leadership team. Why is this important?
  5. It appears that you have a strong emphasis on creating a human-centric organization. What does this mean to you?

About the Guest:

Dr. Joe Sprangel is an associate professor of business at Mary Baldwin University. He is also the founder and principal consultant of Emmanuel Strategic Sustainability. He made the transition to higher education after 28 years of industry experience. His industry career included work in machine build and repair, machine design, manufacturing engineering, and plant and engineering management.


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