The Lean Solutions Podcast: Kanban Sucks: If It’s Not Done Right.

What You’ll Learn:
In this episode, hosts Andy Olrich and Shayne Daughenbaugh discuss Kanban not just as a method, but as a choreography of productivity, transforming the manufacturing landscape into a finely tuned performance of excellence.
Amidst this dance of efficiency, some voice the question: does Kanban suck?
About the Guest:  
Steve Ansuini is the dynamic owner of the Center for Employee Development, LLC (C4ED), founded in 2007. Specializing in Lean Manufacturing, Transactional Lean, Health Care Lean, Maintenance, and Soft-Skills training, he has collaborated with Fortune 100 companies, achieving significant reductions in safety incidents, inventory, and operational costs. Beyond his business pursuits, Mr. Ansuini has partnered with Purdue University to establish and operate a Lean Environment Simulator (LES) since 2015, one of just six units available to the public globally. With a rich background including 3 years at Toyota Engineering & Manufacturing of North America and 17 years at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, he brings a wealth of expertise from his 10-year stints at Mack Trucks and the US Marine Corps.
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