The Lean Solutions Podcast: Lean Accounting Management with Jim Huntzinger

In this episode, I talked with Jim Huntzinger about the importance of Lean Accounting Management within any organization. Jim helps listeners dig into their own accounting systems to ensure they are making decisions based on correct costing data.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How did you get involved with lean accounting?
  • How did the Lean Accounting Summit come into being?
  • How do lean accounting and process development connect?
  • What work still needs to be accomplished in these areas?
  • What else can process development impact?

About the Guest:

Jim Huntzinger began his career as a manufacturing engineer with Toyota and then was transplanted to North America to support Toyota. In 2005, Jim founded Lean Frontiers. He developed and operates the immersive Skillpoint Workshops for Job Instruction and Toyota Kata. He has also authored many books to include, Lean Cost Management and Roots of Lean.

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