The Lean Solutions Podcast: Lean Impact: Transforming Companies From Within

What You’ll Learn:

In this episode, hosts Patrick Adams and Andy Olrich discuss the challenges of relying on consultants for Lean transformation and the importance of developing an in-house team of problem solvers. They also highlighted common pitfalls in Lean deployment, such as leaders' resistance to support and delegation of standard work tasks. Also the crucial role of leadership buy-in for Lean implementation and the need for training and involving employees in the change process.

About the Guest: 

Wes Hehn, president of Lean Forward – Continuous Improvement, has over 20+ years of global experience in leading and implementing Lean strategies to drive business growth and achieve operational

excellence aspirations. In addition to his formal college education, Wes holds a Lean Six Sigma certification as well as multiple Lean certifications, most notably, a Lean Systems Program Certification from the University of Kentucky/Toyota Cooperative, which reflects his deep knowledge and expertise in the Toyota Production System.




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