The Lean Solutions Podcast — Lean in Healthcare with Tanya Stinson

On the podcast this week I’m speaking with Tanya Stinson, who is the founder of Leaning Towards Change, LLC. and an experienced leader in Lean and the healthcare industry.

During this episode, Tanya and I are talking about Lean and healthcare. We go over how a healthcare setting is different when it comes to Lean and how leaders can identify and reduce waste in order to better serve patients.

What You’ll Learn This Episode:

  • Waste in the healthcare world
  • How perception plays a part in learning to see the waste
  • What is a waste walk
  • The problems a lack of communication can cause for teams
  • The importance of being an effective listener
  • Understanding the people side of change
  • About Tanya’s business Leaning Towards Change and why she decided to start it

About the Guest:

Tanya Stinson is the founder of Leaning Towards Change, LLC and an experienced leader in the healthcare industry where she is responsible for performance improvement, quality, risk, patient safety and compliance. She serves as a mentor and a coach to physicians, nurses and other clinical and non clinical staff and utilizing Lean and Six Sigma methodology.

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