The Lean Solutions Podcast: Lean Leadership and Lean Culture with Rick Foreman

In this episode, Rick Foreman and I discuss Rick’s Lean Leadership journey to include his learnings as the V.P. of Lean Development for Federal Heath. Rick truly exemplifies the qualities of a servant leader and has been successful in his many roles throughout multiple industries.

What you will learn in this episode:

  1. What’s the purpose behind your Lean Leadership journey
  2. “Behavior is the echo of belief. Do our beliefs as a Lean Leader match up with what we model daily? If not, why not, and how do we adjust?”
  3. What do you believe to at the core of successful lean transformations?
  4. How do you work to keep Lean engaged in the culture at Federal Heath?
  5. What’s your biggest struggle in deploying lean at Federal Heath?

About the guest:

Rick Foreman is the V.P. of Lean Development for Federal Heath Sign Company and a John Maxwell Team certified speaker, coach, and trainer. Rick has over 32 years of lean leadership development experience within aerospace, telecom, sign, medical manufacturing, service industries, supply chains, and community engagement. This in-depth practice of utilizing coaching techniques and mastermind studies to develop people-centric leaders and engagement across multiple locations has led to cultural transformations, with team member, profit and organizational growth. During this period, two of the Texas facilities received recognition for “Lean Enterprise Excellence” from TMAC, while realizing significant, positive business results. Rick has a BA in Management Ethics, a MAM in Business Management, and over 30 years of serving others through coaching, mentoring and helping them reach their full potential and purpose.

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