The Lean Solutions Podcast: Lean Learning Culture With Tony Hayes

In this episode, Tony Hayes and I discuss ways to create a lean learning culture through an organizations atmosphere and leadership platforms.

What You'll Learn:

1. What is the definition of a good Lean “Learning Culture?

2. What are the challenges to creating this type of atmosphere within an organization?

3. What role does Leadership play in facilitating or creating the platform for learning?

4. Can you share some examples of how you have done this at your current company or others from your past experiences?

5. What advice would you give our listeners as the consider creating their own Learning Culture within their organizations?

About the Guest: 
Tony is an Executive Lean Leader, responsible for the Wabash Management System, Continuous Improvement and Quality at Wabash, supporting the CEO and the Executive Leadership Team, driving customer value creation. He has extensive experience in delivering profitable growth, improving risk profile, and increasing return on invested capital in the automotive, transportation, aerospace and defense industries. Tony is a seasoned operations and lean expert with extensive experience in strategy and organizational governance. Tony has utilized his lean expertise to assist organizations with their most complex problems in manufacturing, engineering, material planning and logistics, value chain management, and quality.


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