The Lean Solutions Podcast: Lean Product and Process Development Events

In this episode, I am presenting our teams approach to lean product and process development events. This was a presentation I gave at the LPPDE virtual conference last month.

You may be wondering why we haven’t been posting regular episodes…we are preparing to launch season two this next year. Stay tuned for more amazing podcasts as we kick off the new year.

About the LPPDE:

The Lean Product and Process Development Exchange, Inc. is a nonprofit organization created to foster opportunities to grow and share the knowledge, expertise and experiences that help organizations use lean product development to dramatically improve product development performance.

The LPPDE conferences are organized roughly yearly in both Europe and North America. These conferences are the motor for the flow of knowledge about lean in the product development context. We explicitly call our conferences “Exchange” – because that is what we think is the best moderator for learning: listen, experts, see peers, discuss, learn from best practices from others and participate in workshops, that are offered at introductory as well as advanced level.

Many participants of LPPDE conferences return because they know: whenever I visit an LPPDE conference, I am sure I will return with a high number of great ideas, excellent examples, and practical tips to continue my journey on the lean path in product development.

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