The Lean Solutions Podcast: Lean Sucks! (If You’re Not Doing It Right)

What You’ll Learn:

In this episode, hosts Patrick Adams and Shayne Daughenbaugh discuss lean methodology and its promise of efficiency and productivity improvement. 

The sentiment towards Lean isn't always positive, especially when implementation goes awry. While Lean has proven to be a transformative approach for many organizations, it requires meticulous execution and a deep understanding of its principles. 

About the Guest:  

Maria Makrygianni is a seasoned Process Improvement Expert with 22 years of experience as an Airforce Officer (Captain) in aviation maintenance. She specializes in enhancing operational performance and profitability across various EU industries. Her expertise includes designing and leading training programs in Lean Six Sigma and Lean Management. Her extensive background spans Line & Heavy Maintenance, Quality Inspection, Aircraft Maintenance Resources Management, and Quality Audits. As a Chief Aircraft Engineer, she has improved and supervised aircraft maintenance processes, contributing to published scientific journals. Additionally, she holds a BA in Aeronautical Engineering and an MSc in Advanced Industrial & Manufacturing Systems, focusing on Reliability Analysis and TQM for Jet Fighter Maintenance Operations. She is also a Certified Systemic Analyst.


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