The Lean Solutions Podcast — Lean with Forbes Writer, Jim Vinoski

This week on the podcast, I am speaking with Jim Vinoski, a writer, manufacturing advocate and Lean expert with a focus in engineering, operations and management.
In this episode, Jim and I talk about Lean in manufacturing and how leaders can involve and excite their team when it comes to implementing Lean.  We also talk about some of the important lessons and tips Jim has for someone just starting out in Lean.
What You’ll Learn This Episode:

Jim’s best and worst lean experiences
The culture of continuous appearance, what it is and how to avoid it
How leaders can engage and involve their whole team
Why ego is a big problem
Why it’s important to be a student of Lean all the time
Jim’s advice for people just starting their Lean journey

About the Guest:
Jim Vinoski has spent his entire three-decade career in manufacturing, in products ranging from paints and plastics to food and bourbon. His focus has been in engineering, operations, and management. He’s a veteran of companies large and small, including Ralston-Purina and General Mills.
As a Contributor for Forbes, Jim has published over 200 articles covering all facets of manufacturing and supply chain. He’s explored a variety of topics in his column there: the success stories of numerous American manufacturers; the war for talent; and the amazing innovations in our advanced technologies, such as 3D printing, bioengineering, and artificial intelligence.
Jim lives with his wife and two teenage sons in Grandville, Michigan.
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