The Lean Solutions Podcast: Learning From Industry Leaders: Season Three Host Introductions 1/2

In our upcoming season, our mission remains clear: empower you with the insights needed for streamlined processes, waste elimination, and building a foundation for sustainable success. 

Season three brings inspiring interviews, industry trend analyses, and practical tips for navigating the business landscape. Our podcast boasts a stellar lineup of guests, from industry experts to visionary entrepreneurs, offering actionable strategies for both seasoned leaders and those starting their entrepreneurial journey. 

Join us on The Lean Solutions Podcast for a fresh perspective on optimizing operations and igniting passion for efficiency in Season Three. Embrace change, innovate boldly, and pave the way for a leaner, more prosperous future. Thank you for joining the lean revolution!

What You’ll Learn: In this episode, hosts Catherine McDonald and Andy Olrich engage in a thoughtful exploration of their backgrounds and professional journeys, providing insightful glimpses into their respective experiences.

About the Guest: 

Catherine McDonald is a Lean and Leadership Coach with MCD Consulting, her own business since 2018. She specializes in Lean deployment across various non-manufacturing sectors, employing a strategic, enthusiastic, and empathetic approach. Using collaborative methods, Catherine guides individuals and organizations from short-term reactive working to long-term strategic thinking.

Andy Olrich brings over 25 years of expertise in engineering trades, services, manufacturing, mining and logistics processes and support. With qualifications in Continuous Improvement and LEAN Six Sigma, he is also a Certified Scrum Master. Andy finds fulfillment in witnessing the positive outcomes that result from teams collaboratively working towards shared and individual goals.


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