The Lean Solutions Podcast: Meeting Leadership: Increase Your Engagement and Productivity

What You’ll Learn:

In this episode, hosts Shayne Daughenbaugh, Catherine McDonald, and Jeff Shannon discuss common mistakes in meeting leadership.  

This episode provides strategies to engage virtual participants, tips for effective 30-minute meetings, methods to tactfully redirect conversations, and techniques to end meetings positively.

About the Guest: 

 Jeff Shannon, a master facilitator with over 20 years' experience, specializes in corporate strategy workshops and offsite retreats. He designs and leads engaging meetings that drive participation, spark innovation, and achieve desired outcomes. Trusted by leadership teams across various industries, Jeff annually leads 60 to 70 workshops for major corporations including Cargill, Deloitte, and Macy’s. He is also a keynote speaker and author of practical guides such as Lead Engaging Meetings and Hard Work Is Not Enough.


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