The Lean Solutions Podcast: Monetize Your Life with Randy Otterbridge

This week on the podcast, I’m speaking with Randy Otterbridge. Randy is the Chief Idea Officer at RBridge Business Institute, which is a Consulting and Business Creation company and is also an author and a podcast host.

In this episode, Randy and I talk about how you can apply Continuous Improvement and Lean principles into not only your business but also your personal life in order to create a better lifestyle.

What You’ll Learn This Episode:

  • Randy’s experience with manufacturing and continuous improvement
  • RBridge Business Institute and how it got started
  • Having a generalist approach
  • Why companies need to be innovative in order to not be left behind
  • The application of CI principles into your personal life
  • How Lean and CI principles can result in a better life overall
  • Applying Five S to your personal life
  • What is a mastermind and why it’s important
  • How you can benefit from a mastermind
  • Giving your team a safe space to express their ideas
  • How you can use your team members ideas to benefit the company

About the Guest:

Randy Otterbridge (AKA, The Monetize Your Life Guy) developed the “Monetize Method” to help you bring more income into your life and profits to your business.

“Your life (and the life of your businesses) are filled with gold–I simply guide you to it and hand you the shovel to dig out more of it.”

Additionally, Randy is the Chief Idea Officer of RBRIDGE BUSINESS INSTITUTE, LLC which serves as the holder of portfolio businesses where business models are created, tested, and leveraged to maximize profits.

He then uses these tests to teach individuals and companies how to increase income and maximize profits.

How he does it… is the secret sauce, some of which he might share with us today.

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