The Lean Solutions Podcast: Podcast Spotlight: Lean Mindset With Mike Leigh

We've carefully selected a few of our standout episodes from Season Two. These episodes stood out for their ability to captivate and engage our audience, making them the highlights of the season.

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Episode Details:

In this episode, Mike Leigh and I discuss the application of lean as well as the implementation of a lean mindset within organizations.

What You'll Learn:

1. Can you describe your Lean journey so far?

2. How has your attitude toward the application of Lean changed?

3. What is your approach to helping companies move forward on their Lean journey?

4. You're not a big fan of Six Sigma. Why is that?

5. What advice would you give to Lean practitioners who want to make a difference in their organizations?

About the Guest: 

Mike Leigh is the President of OpX Solutions, a performance improvement company that helps manufacturers remove the barriers that prevent them from achieving their goals by developing leaders and improving processes.  Prior to starting his company, Mike had a 13-year manufacturing career where he held a variety of operational supply chain leadership roles.  Prior to that, he served in the US Navy as a surface warfare officer where he specialized in nuclear propulsion, and later retired as a Commander in the reserves.


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