The Lean Solutions Podcast: Quantum Lean with Dr. Michael Sanders and Sean Fields

In this episode, Dr. Michael Sanders, Sean Fields, and I explore Quantum Lean – its essence, unique steps, and origins – while uncovering why it stands as a beacon of progress in operational excellence.

What You'll Learn:

1. Why Quantum Lean?

2. What is Quantum Lean?

3. What are Quantum Lean's key steps?

4. How is Quantum Lean different from other approaches?

5. How did Quantum Lean come about?

About the Guest: 
Sean Fields, a 35-year industry veteran with experience in various sectors including oil field equipment manufacturing, food processing, and job shops, has a comprehensive background in all aspects of business, from the shop floor to quality, safety, and engineering. As a published author and contributor to numerous industry publications, including the co-authorship of “Quantum Lean,” Fields brings a wealth of expertise to his approach. His adaptable and user-friendly methods for improving operations stem from a diverse range of environments, from mass production to custom shops, offering unique solutions to business challenges.

Dr. Michael Sanders, co-founder of Beehivefund, leverages over 30 years of diverse industry experience – from welding apprentice to CEO in various sectors – to advise on business strategies. Teaming up with Sean Fields, they have honed their lean methods, consistently achieving proven success. Dr. Sanders, a sought-after expert in lean, six sigma, and quality systems, holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, an MBA from Texas Tech University, and is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt.


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