The Lean Solutions Podcast: Reaching Positive Outcomes Faster with Kerry Bass

In this episode, Kerry L. Bass and I explore strategies for accelerating organizational change, building trust in elections, fostering societal success for all, attracting the right talent, and examining the continued relevance of quality management principles.

What You'll Learn:

1. How can my organization get change faster?

2. What can be done to help citizens have more faith in elections?

3. How can societies be more successful in supporting all?

4. How do I get the right people to join my organization?

5. Are quality management principles still relevant?

About the Guest:

Kerry L. Bass is the CEO and founder of Potential To Reality Consulting and a Senior Member of ASQ. He is an executive consultant who specializes in enterprise transformation, operational excellence and organizational change management. His personal and professional focus is on helping organizations and societies that are dedicated to the wellbeing of their stakeholders achieve and sustain excellence. For more than 25 years, Kerry has been leading and supporting transformation and major organizational change for governmental agencies, as well as non-profit and commercial enterprises.



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