The Lean Solutions Podcast — Returning to the Office after the Pandemic with Crystal Davis

This week I’m speaking with Crystal Davis, an experienced business process improvement consultant and certified leadership development coach and CEO of The Lean Coach, Inc.

Crystal and I talk about how leaders and businesses can shift to efficiently working during the pandemic and how leaders can help their team members with the adjustment of returning to the workplace as we come out of the pandemic.

What You’ll Learn This Episode:

  • How the pandemic has shifted how Crystal works with clients
  • Project management focus
  • The importance of meeting the client where they are at
  • The importance of taking a break and reflecting as a leader
  • How leaders can help team members as they return to work after the pandemic
  • Why leaders should continue the learning process

About the Guest:

Crystal Davis is the CEO of The Lean Coach, Inc. and an experienced business process improvement consultant and certified leadership development coach with over twenty years of experience in the design, development, and implementation of Lean Business System solutions across a wide range of industries.

Crystal is a sought-after international speaker, host and podcaster with International Business Growth Radio (IBGR), and has spoken at numerous conferences around the world.

Crystal’s work and thought leadership has been published in The Journal of Cost Accounting, and Lean Six Sigma Review.

Throughout Crystal’s career, she was fortunate to serve as a Master Black Belt, to be mentored by two Toyota sensei in the Toyota Production System, and to lead three teams to receive awards and recognition from lean organizations. Crystal serves on the OPEX Board of Directors, and Lean Six Sigma and Data Conference board for the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE). Crystal served as the conference chair in 2019, introducing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to the conference. She also serves on the editorial board for ASQ’s Lean Six Sigma Review publication, where she served as guest editor for the inaugural all women’s special edition.

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